1908                Born on 19 March in Hale, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

                        Educated at St. Bees College, Cumbria


1927-1928        Joined the British Merchant Navy.  Sailed twice around the world.


1929-1936       Lived in the USA, worked on non-photographic jobs during the Depression years.


1936-1938       Returned to the U.K. Joined BBC television as a stills photographer.

                        Acquired his first 35mm camera.


1939                Free-lanced in London through the Black Star Agency.


1940                Photographed the Blitz in London for LIFE, PICTURE POST and other magazines.


1939-1947        War correspondent for LIFE Magazine.

                        Military Service as a war correspondent:

                        West Africa with the Free French

                        Eritrea with the Foreign Legion

                        Ethiopia with the Indian Army

                        Iran with the British Army

                        Northwest Frontier with the British Army.

                        Tobruk and Western Desert with the British Army

                        Burma Campaign with the Chinese Army

                        North African landings with the American Army

                        Sicilian landings with the American Army

                        Italian campaign with the British Army

                        Monte Casino with the Ghurkas

                        D-Day Normandy with the British Army

                        Liberation of Paris

                        Liberation of Brussels

                        Liberation of Holland

                        Crossing the Rhine with Churchill and Montgomery

                        German surrender at Luneburg with the British Army

                        Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

                        Liberation of Denmark with the British Army


1947                 In May left LIFE magazine and with Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson

                        and David Seymour, became a founder member of Magnum Photos.                       


1948                 Based in Cyprus.  Covered stories in North Africa, Middle East, India and Africa.


1948-1949        Cross-Africa Expedition. Travelled from Capetown to Cairo by road.


1950-1952       Worked in USA, West Indies, Europe and Middle East on assignment or photographing on                                                            

                         speculation for magazines in USA and Europe.


1953                 Made around the world documentary for Standard Oil Company.


1954-1956       Based in the Middle East covering stories on assignment and on speculation.

                         Made two more visits to East Africa.


1957                 Sahara Desert Expedition for National Geographic Magazine and other publications.


1958                 Six months' travel in East Africa covering tribal and wild life, on assignment for magazines

                         including LIFE, National Geographic, Holiday, London Illustrated, Paris Match, Der Stern.


1959                 Took up residence in U.K. Worked on assignments for magazines, film companies, industry,

                         company reports, etc.


1977-1979        Returned to Africa on three occasions  concentrating on tribal life, assisted by the

                         Arts Council of Great Britain.


1980-1990       Worked on exhibitions, print sales, books and archive material.


1995                 Died in Smarden, Kent on July 24.